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L'Ampolla's associate companies

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Company Sector Telephone Offer
Agencia de alquileres de Casas Turisticas Danielle Stritt Holiday rentals 977593453
Articles Pesca Colomines Gifts, beach and fishing 977460046
Articles Pesca Colomines (2) Gifts, beach and fishing 977460046
Assegurances Metropolis Insurance 977460422 Offer - Ofert & participation in a weekend draw
Assessoria Jáñez Consulting 977460713
Autonet SCP Car wash 650434230
Bahia Mar SA Real estate 977460278
Balada Juan Arquitectura i Disseny Consulting, Household equipment, Furniture, Painter - Decorator 977460389
Alegre Base Sports Clothing and accessories 977593452
Base Sports Scorpio Clothing and accessories 977460538
Blau Mar Bars 650434206
Blava Mar SCCL Fishmongers 977460526
Boutique Grissel Clothing and accessories 977593247
Brull & Brull Jardiners Gardening 650693331
BruMar Gifts, beach and fishing, Haberdashery, Clothing and accessories 977460017
Ca-sa-net S.L. Cleaning 659176727
Camping Ampolla Platja Campings (+34) 977460535 Offer - Bungalows at first line of the sea
Camping Sant Jordi Bars 977460002
Capdevila Comí S.L. Consulting
Carburants 46 S.L. Gas Station 977470881
Caribel Venegas: WP & Design Catering and prepared foods, Restaurants 626198383
Carme Perruquers Hairdressers and beauty 674147111
Carnisseria Elisenda Butchers, Catering and prepared foods 977460048
Catalan Ways C.B. Holiday rentals 977460773
Cepromar SL Fishmongers 977470882
Club Nàutic Ampolla Other services 977460211
Construccions Curto Aixa Building 696676266
Decoració Maite Clothing of the home 665523243
Dental Mar, C.B. Dentist
Digital Ebre Photography 977460712
E&S Clothing and accessories 977108876
EcoHerbes Gardening 671009977
Electrodomèstics Joel Household equipment, Blacksmith 977460685
Estètica Pites Hairdressers and beauty 977460273
Faco Pintors Painter - Decorator 615652466
Farmàcia Curto Pharmacy 977460152
Farmàcia del Port Pharmacy 977460680
Lo Jardinet Gardening 977460573
Forn de pa Cabrera Other services 977460062
Frankfurt Tere Restaurants 977460060
Fusteria Tomàs Carpentry 606319838
Gelateria Jijonenca Other services
Grissel Moda Clothing and accessories 977593247 Offer - -50%!!!
Hotel Ampolla Sol Hotels, Restaurants (+34) 977460008
Hotel Flamingo Hotels, Restaurants (+34) 977593816
Hotel La Roca Plana Hotels (+34) 977460332
Il Gattopardo Tapas bar 977593459
Joieria Fabregat Jewelry store 977460959
La Cantonera Clothing and accessories 647635765
La Taverneta Restaurants
Llenceria Merceria Cloti Haberdashery 977460552
Llibreria Avelina Bookshops 977460087
Rest. Lo Goleró Restaurants 655 998 441
Lo Típic Tapas bar, Restaurants +34977593098
MACA Household equipment
Maria Arnero Clothing and accessories 977460400
Mes Idea Gifts, beach and fishing, Household equipment 977593334
Morou Llars, S.L. Real estate 977460862
Motonautica SAMA Sale and maintenance of boats 977460239
NATURALL SANTIVERI Pharmacy, Office Beauty 977460961
Nova Devimar Fishmongers 977460505
Ona Perruqueria Hairdressers and beauty 977 460110
Peix i Marisc Borràs Fishmongers 977460135
Peixateria Rosa Fishmongers 615661432
Perruqueria 2000 Hairdressers and beauty 977593024
Petites Delicies Other services 977593255
Piucan S.L. Real estate 977460722
Pizzeria Casa David Restaurants 977593454
Pizzeria Iglú Restaurants 977460214
Pizzeria Vanesa Restaurants 977460376
Plat a Taula Catering and prepared foods 977593818
Promociones Segarra Piñol Building 977593433
Punt Verd Gardening 610264073
Restaurant Marisqueria Botavara Restaurants 666804511
Restaurant Can Piñana Restaurants 977460033
Restaurant Juani- Casa Llambrich Restaurants 977460073
Restaurant L'Illa Restaurants 977593230
Restaurant La Barraca Restaurants 977460689
Restaurant Nàutic Restaurants 977593336
Restaurant Perales Restaurants 977460489
Restaurant Pescador Restaurants 977460604
Restaurant Racó del Port Restaurants 977460240
School of English English school 977593109
La Brull ShowRoom Clothing and accessories 977460810
Souvenirs Bru-Mar C.B. Gifts, beach and fishing 977460017
SUMA Begoña Supermarkets 977460501
Tabacs Amparo Other services 977460545
Taxi Silver Curto Taxi 628 897 462
Totpool CRD Milan Swimming pool maintenance 652932909
Tribeca by Monllau Clothing and accessories 977460756
Viatges Delta Turístic Travel agency 977460839
Xiringuito Pepe Tapas bar, Restaurants 977593133
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