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Activities 2016

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Throughout the year , from Adela are activities so that everyone can see it benefiting both vendors and customers .

Activities programmed from ADELA so far are:

Summary of dates and activities:

February: From 8 to 14 February in Love Adela.

May: 11am to 15pm Shops 8th Street Oyster Day

June 3, 4 and 5 June Fair

From 20 to 26 June with Coca prize

July: July 23 Fashion Show

August 6 August Stores magical night

August 14 Virgin stores August

November 25 and November 26 Black Friday

December 3-8, 10, 11, 17 and 18 Route 17 ** Cover oyster award ceremony Best Cover

06/12/16 to 01/06/17 Christmas Campaign

10 December 11 Fair Nadel

1) ADELA in LOVE. To promote and encourage local sales, between 8 and 14 February, all shops Adela who wish to participate will have at their disposal a box where deposit vouchers (with the name and telephone number of Customers / s) exceeding 10 euros of purchase. On 16 February, will draw corresponding prizes: 1st prize a weekend for Cati & spa circuit, 2 and 3: 1 dinner for two and 4th, 5th and 6th 1 cake lovers.

2) shops in the street. This activity is that all partners / as they want, they can bring their trade to the meeting place of the activity on the street shops. The purpose of these is a part, to publicize the product and / or service, and the other could seize the moment to make the sale thereof. This year will increase in quantity of shops on the street agree, some activities in the large tourist population.

Dates shopping street

May: 05/08/16 Sunday Day oyster 11h to 15h
Saturday Night Magic 19h 06/08/16 August 02
Sunday 08/14/16 Virgin August 18h to 12h
3) Fair The first weekend of June 3 to 5, we conducted a food fair and commercial products that meet Terres de l'Ebre. There will be in the area of ​​Calle Vista Alegre and the terrace of the Fishermen.

4) with Coca prize. The Saint John festivities are our most valuable assets. One of the most typical and delicious cuisines of these days, is the traditional Coca de Sant Joan. In order to promote local purchasing this product ADELA provide gift vouchers valued a sum of money (or gift, to be determined) associated establishments that manufacture this cake. This activity will take place between 20 and 26 June 2016.

5) Moda.Aquesta Parade is one of the most desirable summer in the bottle. It is a night where our business can shine on the catwalk her best collection; either underwear, cocktail, casual, sports, roots Ibiza or even clothing and accessories for the home. Imagination, creativity and desire to participate, fill each year a magical setting as idyllic fishing port of the bottle. This year will be held on Saturday July 23 from 11 am to 1 am.

6) Black Friday. The last weekend of November, and taking advantage of global inertia of this activity, there will be some kind of commercial reinforcement for those dates.

7) Route II oyster cap the bottle. During the first weekend of December, taking advantage of the oyster bottle is in their best culinary terms, will be held the second edition of the route of the oyster cap. There will be collaboration with sponsors to facilitate the delivery of gifts and raffle one hand, customers who present their passport cover, and the other for the best cover. The scheduled dates for this activity are the days 3-8, 10 and 11, 17 and 18 December, Saturday 17 would deliver the recognition for the best cover.

8) Formatius.La training courses is an essential tool for any business, is a symbol of professional quality for this reason, from ADELA fosters learning. Will study the most demanded by partners and will try to implement several training courses during the year. These may be related languages, computing, hospitality or any other contribution that they can get.

9) Fair Nadel. On dates close to Christmas, will organize the second fair Nadela. This activity is not only commercial stores go out to offer its products typical of these dates, but, moreover, it is cultural, social and child. Includes activities for children, and also the general public who want to do their Christmas shopping and a little distracted with the atmosphere of the activities they organize. It also collaborates with the TV3 Marathon or any other social cause deemed appropriate.

10) Christmas Campaign. ADELA every year organizes the Christmas campaign which provides its members / is a lot of tickets to be distributed for free among their clients / s. These enter the draw for the Kings and have the opportunity to earn up to a thousand euros with vouchers for the establishments associated with the organization.

ADELA is an association receptive do you always listen to requests from its members / is why, if you get any idea it deems appropriate to go ahead, so made and try to put together under these parameters the annual budget allocated to carry out the activities described herein.

** Dates or activities may be modified according to the needs of the partners / es and organization.

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